Taormina: luxury and beauty

In spite of its nearness to the city of Catania, Taormina belongs to the province of Messina and is located up on a hill 204 m ASL facing the sea. Its prime position guarantees one of the most amazing view over the Mediterranean and the mount Etna.

A view over Mount Etna, Taormina.

The town immediately show itself as one of the most sophisticated, well-organized and touristic in Sicily and even in Italy: this is witnessed by the great number of luxury resorts like the worldwide famous Hotel San Domenico and cheaper but usually nice B&B, that during the last years has been growing bigger and bigger. In Taormina the windows of the stores of the center are stuffed with goods from some among the most known and desired brands of the world, but sometimes also with typical high level local products made by native artisans. There are many interesting things that are really  worth a visit like the Villa Comunale, the Duomo, and the Corso Umberto itself, the main street that starts from Porta Catania and leads to Porta Messina. The real specialty of Taormina is the ancient Greek Theatre, which during the good season is chosen by the most famous international artists as site for a show during their tours: those who might be interested in concerts or shows, would better check in advance to know what will be on stage during their stay.

greek theatre-etna-taormina
The ancient Greek Theatre and mount Etna, Taormina.

If you plan to find accommodation in the center and you travel by car, seek for a hotel or B&B providing a car parking: in this case you will have a permission to enter the old town and park the car; otherwise you will have to leave the car outside and carry your luggage doesn’t matter how heavy it is, or how far you have to go. There is a cableway from Taormina to Mazzarò (sea level) yet you have to consider the beaches down there are more than overcrowded in high season, and if you have not a reservation you will have to go by car somewhere else to find a sun bed and a couple of sq m of sea available to dive in.

Taormina-isola bella-sicily
The Isola Bella, Taormina.

One good solution is the wonderful beach of Fondaco Parrino a few km north of the small town of Letojanni, where the sea of the strait of Messina is dark blue and transparent: the beach is not sandy but made of little rounded stones, and there is a nice bar where you can have drinks and food. Small beaches and rocky corners right in the Taormina area are wonderful, therefore do not miss a bath at the “Isola bella”. On a higher hill behind Taormina is situated Castelmola, a small medieval village: here do not miss the stunning view from the terrace of the Piazza Sant’ Antonino and then have a walk and discover the small town yourself. Once you will be tired and thirsty you won’t find difficult to recognize the most famous bar in the village. The reason why this bar is so famous I won’t say, so you will have the surprise left!

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